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On the day of our appointment, we will meet in a private virtual room with easy access (no need to download any software or application), and which you can access from any device with Internet access, either from your cell phone, your computer or your tablet.

Each appointment will leave you connected with yourself and reflecting, and with certain seeds of Consciousness planted in your Being, waiting to be watered by you in the form of "homework" or work proposals for the days that pass until we meet again.

In this way, with my personalized follow-up and your sustained inner work, we will enable a blossoming in you that will go faster and further the more you focus and the more time you dedicate to your growth process. The limit and the pace are set by you! What I offer you and what I ask you in therapy

In Transpersonal Therapy, the treatment is close and the therapeutic relationship is based on the equality between therapist and client.

This, together with my own close nature, makes my relationship with my clients similar to that of a "temporary but solid friendship".

As such, it rests on the pillars of mutual respect and commitment.



Personalized and group attention
Personal and corporate
Psycho-political counseling

What is ON-LINE therapy like?

In individual therapy I offer you a personalized, close and comfortable accompaniment for your inner development process.

We will take each therapy session with due calm, in VIDEOCONFERENCES OF 2 HOURS DURING, in which we will have time to deepen in what happens to you and, when necessary, to do exercises in the session itself.

Some exercises that we usually use in therapy:


Re-connection with the inner child.

Search for personal gifts

Emotional management based on non-duality

Working with life and death

Personal "Monsters" and the 


Creative visualizations

Art therapy for self-awareness

Mindfulness with Nature

Work on rigid attitudes

Working with limiting beliefs

The Here and Now

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Guaranteed success

What is Transpersonal Therapy?

Transpersonal Therapy (trans- "beyond" the person) is one of the so-called complementary or alternative therapies, which is based on a DEEP AND KIND KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, as a method to find inner Peace and build, from there, a harmonious life.

The Transpersonal path is an initiatory (spiritual) and therapeutic path at the same time that combines and works simultaneously with the non-religious spiritual search and the "grounded" personal growth.

The nuance of "grounded" indicates that personal growth, as I accompany it, has to be contextualized in the daily and real difficulties of the first world society.

This (contextualization) is one of the most characteristic aspects of my way of working:

In a historical moment like this one in which we live, characterized by the loss of our natural connection with the essence of what we are and of Life, and subjected to a Control System that hinders in a remarkable way that connection with the Source of fullness and harmony, I propose Transpersonal Therapy as a way of reconnection.
A reconnection with the essential of yourself and of the Whole, taking into account the global socio-economic context as the main hindering factor, although not the cause, of the essential disconnection so widespread in our time.
The fundamental pillars of Transpersonal Therapy

My purpose as a Transpersonal therapist is to provide my user, in essence a human being with the same lights and shadows as me, with effective and lasting tools on his/her way to a harmonious and fulfilling life.

These fundamental tools and pillars of my work are:

 clear and honest self-knowledge

 compassion for one's own suffering and the suffering of all beings

 the courage to address one's own shadows

 the understanding of how one's own psycho-emotional apparatus or ego works

 the experience and search for an intimate connection with the transpersonal dimension of existence.

In order to transmit all these fundamental tools, I use methods such as meditation and mindfulness, psychological self-inquiry, emotional management and ecotherapy, among others.

All of this, in a framework of DEEP ACCEPTANCE and with a kind look from equal to equal.

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A decoding analysis applied from the 5 biological laws of Dr Rick Hamer.

"All diseases are programmed by the brain, coded by the brain, and decoded and deprogrammed through the brain with Biological Decoding therapy." MMag. Karin Silvina Hiebaum is a Professor and Researcher in Biological Decoding and application techniques for successful decoding. - To begin with, could you explain what biological decoding consists of as a therapy? Biological Decoding is a complementary therapy to decode, deprogram, release diseases, symptoms and painful situations. Biological Decoding helps to find the codes that the biological brain activates as an adaptive response to a conflictive and stressful emotional situation in order to survive in the next moment. These codes produce the disease and this therapy gives us the guidelines to decode and deactivate them. The brain works like a perfect computer that captures and processes information to issue orders and control everything that happens in the body. A psychological conflict becomes a biological conflict by disposition of the brain always in terms of survival. Every illness, diagnosis, symptom, prognosis and life situation that is repetitive and/or unpleasant is totally decodable, deprogrammable without exception. What therapies are complementary to Biological Decoding? All therapies can complement each other and are of great help to decode, deprogram both diseases, and/or unpleasant life situations that the person who consults wants to undo. It will depend on the patient which one is useful. Some of the most necessary and applied are: Real Decoding of the Genealogical Tree. When we are born we are not a blank sheet of paper, minimally we bring in our memory everything lived in seven ancestral family generations .... All this is in our brain, in the unconscious.
Added to what we call project sense, which is the sense for which we were created (ex: to be a soccer player ?...how could he not be a father ?...how would grandfather have liked it ?...). - dancer, actress, singer ?...how could he not be a mom ? ...or maybe a lawyer ? how could he not be.... ...and so we are conditioned with their frustrations.
So as we synchronize with dates and/or affinities, unconscious unions with them, our ancestors, we are programmed to live their conflicts .... and we will call it "destiny", when in reality they are loyalties, invisible ancestral fidelities.
It's mathematical and it's in our unconscious brain to fulfill the program....
We inherit situations and all kinds of conflicts, affective, unloving, disappointments, couple, labor, economic, corporal, postular, sexual...etc...etc...etc..... This is because we remain faithful to these invisible loyalties from generation to generation.
They are not ours! They come from our roots.... and we feed on them.
We are victims of family silences (incests, murders, deaths, suicides, abortions, rapes, psychiatric illnesses, addictions, infidelities, extra-marital children...etc...).
And we are tied to these silences, sufferings, dramas, famines.... paying for them.
And it is a lot of people. If you turn around you see your parents, and siblings, (there only with your parents are two), if you turn around your parents you will see your grandparents, your uncles .... (we already have only with the grandparents four more...) if you turn around these, there will be your great-grandparents with the respective brothers of your grandparents (and there are at least eight more...) and so on. So you can imagine how many people we are giving fidelity to ???!!!!!!
And in turn, when members of two trees fall in love and unite (they graft each other, they bring out new branches "children"). This happens because they have conflicts in common, his brain falls in love with the conflicts of her brain and vice versa.
And so, as the new branches join, we become trapped in the conflicts, in the invisible loyalties, of all the trees from which we come. This seems to be almost a dead end because, in addition, many of us have to settle debts from our ancestors....
If we add to this the fact that parents implant their frustrations in their children from gestation and project in them what they could not be... they do not give them the option of free will in any way. ....
But there is a solution! By assembling your tree, seeing the synchronicities, finding the loyalties, secrets...and becoming conscious we free ourselves, and we can walk free of invisible ties.
By working the tree a single clan member, we cleanse, free up, sideways and down our families, thus allowing the free will of each one, leaving our descendants cleaner.

You have the need, I have the experience. Contact me today.
If you want a transformation to the path of success in your life, take the step now!


From your inner self to the encounter with your own BEING

My therapies are a composition of different schools of psychoanalytic, psychotherapeutic and humanistic techniques in order to help you find your way and your emotional independence.



From your diagnosis to your Transgenerational therapy in the discovery of your being.

As a clinical mental health psychologist and Gestalt systemic psychotherapist, I accompany you online in all the processes of your personal and professional change and growth.
What I offer you:

- a "road map" specially adapted to you and your vital moment.

- A set of internal tools that will serve you all your life to go through difficulties.

- sustained support on the difficult path of inner development towards fulfillment/happiness/freedom/freedom/whatever you call "what you seek".

What I ask of you:

- a commitment to yourself as strong as the one I will make to you as long as I am your therapist.

- An openness to change attitudes, vision, and habits (If there is no willingness to change within you, everything will continue as it is).

If you feel that I can be of help to you in your evolution process, please contact me through any of the means that you will find in the "Contact" section. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Agradezco a Karin profundamente por el aporte positivo en los 36 meses de Terapia de pareja realizadas. Nuestra relacion de matrimonio crecio y mediante la terapia sistemica, pudimos ir constelando situaciones de nuestro pasado. Gracias

Luciana Mendiondo


Que es lo que no sabes mujer? Cuanta sabiduria y experiencia... Cuando dejaste Argentina se nos vino el mundo abajo a todos tus discipulos. Me enseñaste que la PSICOLOGIA SE VIVE DESDE LA VIDA. ME ENSEÑASTE EL CAMINO HACIA LA LIBERACION Y MOTIVACION DE CADA PASO QUE DOY EN MI VIDA. SOLO PUEDO DECIR GRACIAS!

Graciela Lasarte

Woman in Yellow

He tenido la oportunidad de visitar capacitaciones tuyas en la ciudad de Buenos Aires en el ambito Transgeneracional. Tu Luz y sabiduria me acompañaron para poder segur creciendo en tus terapias y hoy a nivel online. Gracias

Dra. Cristina Mannes Etchegoyen

Portrait of Senior Woman

Ich habe die grosse Möglichkeit gehabt, bei dir in Graz mit der Therapie zu beginnen. Während deiner Zeit in Argentinien haben wir per online fortgesetzt und heute geht es weiter. Du hilfst mir wirklich meine innere Ruhe zu finden. Vielen Dank!

Maja Landkovic